iPhone 7 Plus Screen With Small Parts (Front Cam, Prox Sensor & Speaker) - Black

  • £36.90

  • XO7 for iPhones is Now INCELL! LTPS technology for the best performance.
  • XO7 Screens for iPhone use LTPS Incell technology to ensure the best features such as high-resolution displays, fast and responsive touch experience, lower temperatures, and quicker refresh rates.
  • The Incell technology LCD is thinner than a regular LCD plus there will be no panel crack issues during the installation.
  • All XO7 Screens come with a robust silicone seal to improve durability against drops.
  • Every XO7 panel will come with the camera ring, proximity bracket, earpiece mesh.
  • Each LCD will also come with a steel plate pre-installed and it comes with a water seal adhesive within its package
  • XO7 panels will be marked with the XO7 engraving right on the flex, just so we can easily identify the model and brand.